Still life

Here you get to four exemplary views in the room and the non-binding order:

Still life shows everyday things around us that we often do not notice in everyday life. It can be various dishes, dishes, books, furnishings – just what gives the picture outstanding features.

Showroom and Order

Use an opportunity to look at your chosen photo in one of the four show rooms and make a non-binding request for more information.


Here is a brief description of the offered execution techniques and price ranges. More detailed information can be found in the products menu.

Gallery-print — the noblest and most popular kind of photo production.
Prices vary from € 50, - to € 1,350, - (depending on format).
Dibond aluminum plate
Dibond aluminum plate — an absolutely noble presentation variant.
Prices vary from € 30, - to € 850, - (depending on format).
Canvas — a way to bring the photos on a picturesque level.
Prices vary from € 60, - to € 510, - (depending on format).

You can ask for more information about your chosen photo without obligation. I advise you in terms of technique, size and price.

Die proprietäre Seriennummer und andere Metadaten finden Sie wie gewohnt, wenn Sie aufm Beitragsbild rechts clicken.